Access to Haiku and Canto at MultiCare

Welcome to Canto & Haiku, MultiCare Connect's (EPIC) handheld chart access for use with your Apple iPad® and Apple iPhone®, and Android® devices.

Haiku & Canto are designed to give you patient access outside of the clinic or hospital, whether on call or rounding, increasing your opportunities to provide care.

With Haiku & Canto through your mobile device, you can view a patient's medications, lab results, care team, allergies, and more. You can also review your patient's chart while talking to the patient on the phone, regardless of whether you are in the office or at a personal event.

Haiku & Canto have been designed as a support tool, not a documentation tool. Not all features you use today are supported through these tools. The ability to see clinic schedules, Chart Review, and In Basket are the predominate features currently available.

Quotes from our users:

"I love it! The ability to see my patient's charts from home and my schedule at a glance is great. I also love the ability to check my InBasket"

"I think it has great potential"

"I love the speed of the launch and the easier navigation in the app format"

Important Note:

These applications are not replacements for Hyperspace and are optional and not essential for patient care. MultiCare will not reimburse any expenses that you may occur from using your personal device or data plan with these applications.

How to get access to Haiku and Canto for MultiCare with your mobile device: